About the Challenge

A growing number of Escambia County residents who have never needed help before are suddenly having difficulty providing shelter for their family, putting food on the table, and keeping the lights on.

By chipping in $10, you can help your neighbors before their situation reaches a crisis level, and double the impact of a generous $150,000 grant to United Way of Escambia County from the J.H. Baroco Foundation.

Chip in $10 now!

Total as of June 9: $163,374

Goal: $300,000

Look who has Chipped In!

J. H. Baraco Foundation, Inc. (Blue Chipper!)

Chiquita Abney, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Marine Adams
Claire Ades, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
David Alexander, Pensacola
Mark Alexander, Pensacola
Kenneth Allen (Blue Chipper!)
David Alsop
Kathie Anderson, Pensacola
Kristina Anderson, Navarre (Blue Chipper!)
Rich Andrews, Pensacola
Kathy Anthony (Blue Chipper!)
Arise Women's Ministaries
Susan Ashby, Pensacola
Amelia Asmar, Pensacola
Parker & Betty Atwood, Pensacola
Alessandro Bailatti
Emily Baird
Carol Baker (Blue Chipper!)
Kermit Baker
Jack Baldridge, Pensacola
Angela Baraco
Vickie Baraco (Blue Chipper!)
Ken & Shirley Barlow, Lillian, AL (Blue Chippers!)
Dori Barnes, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Lachandra Barnes, Pensacola
Col. Richard & Barbara Baxter, Cantonment
Deborah Beahan, Milton
Frank & Sylvia Beall, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Daniel Beasley, Pensacola
Marvin & Warnelle Beasley, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Anthony Beauchamp
Bonnie Bedics, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Brian Bell, Pensacola
Gil Bell, Pensacola
Ted Beumer, Pensacola
Gil Bixel
Rex & Sara Blackburn, Cantonment
Patsy Blackwell, Pensacola
Stacey Blackwell, Pensacola
Robert Blalock, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Lawanda Blunt, Pensacola
Joel & Rebecca Boles, Gulf Breeze (Blue Chippers!)
Diane Bolter, Pensacola
Marshall Bomar, Pensacola
Rosemary Bonifay, Pensacola
Alan Bookman, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Josh Boone, Pensacola
Jim Bouler (Blue Chipper!)
Jack & Trish Boutwell
Ben & Elizabeth Bozo, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Lorraine Bracher, Pensacola
Angelyn Bradley, Pensacola
Pamela Braun, Pensacola
Kyle Brinkman, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Dionne Brisco, Pensacola
Mike Brooks, Pensacola
Denise Brown, Pensacola
Gerald Brown, Pensacola
Mary Brown, Pensacola
Ruby Brown (Blue Chipper!)
Brownsville Neighborhood Watch, Pensacola
Mattie Broxson
Linda Broyles
Mike Bruce (Blue Chipper!)
Casey Brueske, Pensacola
Bruno Bruni, Pensacola
Judy Bryant, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Molly Bryant, Pensacola
Ann Bullock (Blue Chipper!)
Dianne Bullock, Pensacola
Morgan & Anne Bunch (Blue Chippers!)
Nicholas & Edith Bunch (Blue Chippers!)
Cynthia Burch, Pensacola
Cindy Burden, Pensacola
Dick Burdess, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Jeanine Burkenrus, Pensacola
Deborah Calder, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
James Calloway
Bob Cammer, Maryville
Cantonment Rotary Club, Cantonment (Blue Chippers!)
Lisa Carney, Pensacola
Melissa Carnley
Tommy & Katherine Carter, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Dan & Connie Cassidy, Pensacola
Joe & Jerrylynn Cato, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Bruce Caton
Liz Cauley, Pensacola
Ed Chron, Pensacola
John & Lauretta Cichote, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Barbara Clark, Pensacola
John Clark, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Claudeen Clay
Paul Clements
Dave Cobb (Blue Chipper!)
J B. Coe, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Doug Coleman, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Linda & Bill Coleman, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Mark Collins (Blue Chipper!)
Monique Collins, Pensacola
Kelly Comerford, Pensacola
Al Condon, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Rick Contini, Pensacola
Fran Cooper, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Gay & Karen Cooper, Pensacola
Ann Copenhaver, Pensacola
Debbie Cotton
Charlotte A Crane, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Val Creeden, Pensacola
Jeff Cropsey, Pensacola
Kelly Crosby, Pensacola
Peanut Crowley, Pensacola
Mr. & Mrs. Cudden, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Joan Cunningham, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Edward & Terri Daly, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Evelyn Davis, Pensacola
Sharon Day
Gerald DeBarr, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Beth Deck, Pensacola
Carla Dedolph, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
John Delorge, Cantonment (Blue Chipper!)
Steve Deneke, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Ron Denson, Pensacola
Walter Desteli, Pensacola
Elizabeth Dickup, Pensacola
Doug Diralen
Check Dix, Pensacola
Jim Donatelli (Blue Chipper!)
David & Marjorie Dorsey, Pensacola
Paula Drummond (Blue Chipper!)
Brenda Dukes, Pensacola
Shirley Dumas, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Kathy Dunagan (Blue Chipper!)
Mike & Eva Durden, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Mike Duren, Pensacola
James & Patricia Dyehouse, Pensacola
Early Learning Coalition Employees (Blue Chippers!)
Nubia Echevarria, Pensacola
Bob Echols, Pensacola
Chris Echsner
C. C. Elebash, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Betty Ellis
John Ellis
Roger Ellis, Pensacola
Brunie Emmanuel
Deborah Emmanuel
Patrick Emmanuel, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Rick Emmanuel, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Adrian & Janet Enfinger, Cantonment
Rob Engel, Gulf Breeze
Donna Engleman, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Priscilla Ennis, Pensacola
Epilepsy Society of Northwest Florida, Pensacola
Constance Erickson, Pace (Blue Chipper!)
Mary Esslinger, Pensacola
Hazel Fairey, Pensacola
Arthur Farish
Donna Fassett, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
James Ferreira
Grant Firback, Pensacola
Randy Fleming, Pensacola
John Floyd
Edith Fox
Robert Gaines, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Zettie Garner, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
John & Jessie Gaskin, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Quiana Gaston
Thomas Gibble
Candace Gibson
Ona Gilbert, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Robert Gilbert, Pensacola
Gary Gilmore, Pace
Loria Gilmore
Jayson Ging, Molino
James Glasscock, Pensacola
Holly Goforth
Brandy Gottlieb, Pensacola
Catherine M Graf, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Leigh Graham (Blue Chipper!)
Jesse Grant, Pensacola
Patsy Green (Blue Chipper!)
R. D. Greene, Pensacola
Keith & Linda Gregory (Blue Chippers!)
Patricia Griffin, Pensacola
Bob Griffith, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Pat Groner, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Kathy Groves
Walter Hamiliton
John Hancock (Blue Chipper!)
Gluip Hansen, Pensacola
Tamara Hansen, Denton, TX (Blue Chipper!)
Chris Hare, Pensacola
Frankie Van Horn Harris (Blue Chipper!)
Leah Harrison (Blue Chipper!)
Robert Hart, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Mr. & Mrs. Hasket, Pensacola
Ron & Kaate Hasting, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Rosemary Hays-Thomas, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Martin & Maggie Haywood, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Bill Hazensick, Pensacola
Eva Head, Pensacola
Lynn Heller, Pensacola
Autumn Henderson
Micki Henderson, Pensacola
Terrance Henderson, Pensacola
Kathrine Hendricks, Pensacola
Ron Hennington, Pensacola
David Herman, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Joyce Higginbotham, Pensacola
Debra Hild, Cantonment (Blue Chipper!)
Tom Hilton, Gulf Breeze (Blue Chipper!)
Ashley Hodge
Angela Holbrook, Pensacola
Virgina Holeman (Blue Chipper!)
Janet Holley, Pensacola
Marina Holley, Crestview
Mary Holloman, Pensacola
Eddie Jean Holmes, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Alan Holt
Edmund Holt, Pensacola
Van Holt, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Lewis Hopkins, USN Retired, Pensacola
James & Ildi Hosman (Blue Chippers!)
Ann & Skip Housh
Shyla Houston
Charlie Howard
Dr. Kate Howe, Pensacola
Bonnie Hudson, Pensacola
Don Huerta, Pensacola
Robert & Gail Husbands, Pensacola
Sandi Huster
Rita Icenogle, Pensacola
Fennell & Garet Ikner, Mobile, AL
R. Impello, Pensacola
Indoor Billboards, Pensacola
Indoor Plant People, Pensacola
Dorothy Ingram
Dawn Inman
Josh Jackson
Linda Jackson
Jani King, Pensacola
Andre Jasquith
Emily Jefferis
Norm Jetter, Pensacola
Andrea Johnson
Angie Jones
Bonnie Jones, Pensacola
Catherine Jones, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Dan Jones
Elbert Jones (Blue Chipper!)
Walk & Nancy Jones, Pensacola
William & Linda Jones, Pensacola
Angela Jordan, Pensacola
Cathy Joyner, Pensacola
John Junsen, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Frank Kay
Don Keleher
David Kelider
Brenda Kellams, Pensacola
Elaine Kelly
Marion Kelly, Pensacola
Nancy Kelson
Don Kettinger, Pensacola
Lewis & Katharine Killian, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Ted Kirchharr
Toni Kirkpatrick (Blue Chipper!)
Tim Kitchell, Pensacola
Joe Knight, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Harold & Nancy Knowles, Pensacola
Werner Kuhn, Cantonment
Deb Kuhnhausen, Pensacola
Matt Lamb
Britt Landrum (Blue Chipper!)
Jim & Susan Leath, Molino (Blue Chippers!)
Derek Leatherwood, Pensacola
Rodney Lee
Virginia Lees, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Paul Lesley, Pensacola
Joel Levin, Cantonment (Blue Chipper!)
Alvin & Melody Lewis, Pensacola
Melissa Lewis
Creda Logan, Pensacola
Kathleen Logan, Gulf Breeze
Angela Loisella, Pensacola
Laden Long, Pensacola
Thomas & Jean Long, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
John Lowe, Pensacola
James & Sue Lowman, Cantonment
Sue Luciani
Harvey Mack, Pensacola
Philomena Madden, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Joan Maddox, Pensacola
Tony Madreng, Pensacola
Tamara Maisonneuve, Pensacola
Ted Maki, Pensacola
Owen Mancarella (Blue Chipper!)
Patsy Manning, Gonzalez
Jeff Marcus (Blue Chipper!)
John Martin
Kelly Martin, Pensacola
Kendra Martin
Bill Maszo
Dave Matheny, Pensacola
Thomas & Elizabeth Mayhugh, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Pat McCormick, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Priscilla McCorvey, Pensacola
Diana McKay
Becky McKendrick, Pensacola
Denis & Perry McKinnon, Jr., Pensacola
Laurie McLaughlin, Pensacola
Debbie McLeod, Pensacola
Ronda McNeill, Pensacola
Karen McRae, Seminole, AL
Dick Messner, Pensacola
Jan Miller (Blue Chipper!)
Lillian Miller
Mary Jean Miller, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Sharyon Miller
Bill & Lucille Mills, Pensacola
Marilyn Milmore (Blue Chipper!)
Larry Miltenberger, Pensacola
Ashley Mitchell, Pensacola
Robert Mize, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Billy Moore, Pensacola
Gary Moore, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
James & Sarah Moore, Cantonment (Blue Chippers!)
Joan Moore (Blue Chipper!)
Kenneth Morgan, Pensacola
Bill & Avery Morrison (Blue Chippers!)
Nancy Moye
Nelson Murdock, Pensacola
Joe Murphy
Dave Murzer
Cecilia Nanni (Blue Chipper!)
Glenda Nelson, Pensacola
Jean Nelson
Nancy Newland
Holly Newman, Pensacola
Sheila Nichols
William & Minette Nodhturft, Cantonment (Blue Chippers!)
Jean Norman, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Layne & Verda Norman, Pensacola
Karyn Norton (Blue Chipper!)
Ulric Novelozo, Pensacola
Ed Oronald, Pensacola
Paul Our, Pensacola
Thomas Overtree
Pat Owens, Pensacola
Dian Parsley, Pensacola
Sandy Parks, Pensacola
Michael Paris, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Julie Patton, Pensacola
Gordon & Valerie Paulson, Pensacola
William Paupp, Pensacola
Mary Peebles, Pensacola
Nancy Perry, Pensacola
Chris & Anita Peters, Pensacola
Betty Petersen (Blue Chipper!)
Lovelei Peterson, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Bobbie Petrone, Pensacola
Irene Pfalzer (Blue Chipper!)
Chris Pfeiffer, Pensacola
Kathy Phillips, Pensacola
Randall Phipps, Pensacola
Judy Pippen, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
George & Sheryl Pomeroy, Cantonment
Fred Price, Pensacola
Judy Primm, Pensacola
Patricia Primm (Blue Chipper!)
Ileta Proctor, Pensacola
Michelle Proctor, Pensacola
Bambi Provost (Blue Chipper!)
Al & Martha Pulford (Blue Chippers!)
Jane Pulford, Pensacola
Lt. Col. R. S. Pyne, USMC (retired), Pensacola
Donna Quinn, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Spud Racer, Pensacola
Paul & Jean Rasmussen (Blue Chippers!)
Stacey Reade, Pensacola
John & Terra Reading, Cantonment
Ann Regan (Blue Chipper!)
Howard Rein, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Nancy Rickard, Pensacola
Joyce Ricker, Pensacola
Nancy Riddle
Russell Rieder, Gulf Breeze
Keith Rioe, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Buzz Ritchie (Blue Chipper!)
Dan Rivers, Pensacola
Dick Robb, Pensacola
Kathy Roberts, Pensacola
Susan Roberts
Lynn Robertson
Anna Robillard, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
William E Rockwell, Pensacola
Jeff Rogers, Pensacola
Mike & Susan Rollwagen
Linda Romero, Gulf Breeze
Rita Rone
Mit Roth, Pensacola
Michael Rowan, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Jim Ryan, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Gary Sammons, Pensacola
Manita Samuel, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Charles Sander, Pensacola
Alvin Saulberry
Debra Saunders, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Barbara Sawyer, Pensacola
Vicki Schell
Gene Schmidt
William Schuck, Pensacola
Pam Schwartz, Pensacola
Rodney Scott, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Sabine Seher
Alissa Seifert
Jane Seligman, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Tom Sembrat, Pensacola
Veter Senkus, Pensacola
Charles Shaffer, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
James Sheckart, Pensacola
Paula Shell
Julie Sheppard, Pensacola
Sheriff's Office C Shift South (Blue Chippers!)
Bob Shields, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Tia Shirah
Dan Shugart, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Margaret Sielski, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Russ Siller
Tevin Smiley
Bruce Smith, Pensacola
Cathy Smith, Pensacola
Jasmine & Victor Smith, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Martha Smith
Sean Smith, Pensacola
Thersa Smith, Pensacola
Robert & Diane Snyder, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Don Snowden (Blue Chipper!)
Sarah Snyder
Bob Solarski, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Marge Sown
Michael & Lynn Sparks, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Mary Ellen Spears, Gulf Breeze
Susan Speckhart
John Sullivan
David Sutton
Diane Stefanie, Pensacola
Anne Stegall
Richard & Pat Stepherson, Pensacola
James & Miriam Storey, Pensacola
Greg & Kathy Strader
Sue Straughn, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Alan Strum, Pensacola
Lollie Stull
Yoon Swungham
Karen Szulczewski (Blue Chipper!)
Ethel Tamburello, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Audrey Taylor, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Charlie & Alice Taylor (Blue Chippers!)
Cindy & Marty Taylor, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Jeff Taylor, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Johnathon Taylor
Wilson Taylor
Brandon Teamer
Cynthia Teichert, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
The Salvation Army, Pensacola
Bob Thoma, Destin
Kris Thoma, Pensacola
Cynthia Thomas, Pensacola
Janice Thomas, Pensacola
Joe Thompson, Pensacola
Cindy Tilghman, Pensacola
George Touart, Pensacola
Brenda Trimble, Pensacola
Gene Valentino, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Mary Verder
Christine Viator (Blue Chipper!)
Norman & Elizabeth Vickers, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Skip Vogelsang
Lucie Wade, Pensacola
Robert Waldrop
Kristi Waldrop-Hurt, Pensacola
Peggy Walker, Gulf Breeze
John & Kathleen Wallick, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Barbara Walter, Pensacola
John Walton
Frank Ward, Pensacola
Robert & Yvonne Ward, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Traci Ward, Pensacola
George & Beverly Watson, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Dematric Watts
George Wazner, Pensacola
Douglas & Donna Webb, Molino
Rachel Webb
Margaret Welch
Theresa Westbrook, Pensacola
Cathy Wallace, Pensacola
Lori West, Pensacola
Capt. & Mrs. Whatley, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Marshall & Ingrid Whigham, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Bob White, Pensacola
Hannah White, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Keith White (Blue Chipper!)
Jason White, Gulf Breeze (Blue Chipper!)
Sandra White, Pensacola
Beth White-Vogl, Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Kim Whitfield, Molino
Wilburn's Family, Pensacola (Blue Chippers!)
Peter Wilkin (Blue Chipper!)
Saundra Wilks, Pensacola
Debi Williams
Marsha Williams
Nancy Williams, Pensacola
Meg Williamson, Pensacola
Robert K. Wilson, Jr., Pensacola (Blue Chipper!)
Linda Windesett
Jon Winter, Pensacola
Laurie Winterberg
Mary Wise, Pensacola
Jean Wojnarowski (Blue Chipper!)
Alice Woolam, Pensacola
Sandy Wrench, Pensacola
Pete Wright
Robert Young
Belinda Zephir (Blue Chipper!)
John Zephir (Blue Chipper!)
Elizabeth Zito, Gulf Breeze (Blue Chipper!)

56 wish to remain anonymous

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A special thank you to the WEAR TV3 Team!

On Friday, May 15 WEARTV3 hosted the Chip in $10 van at their office on Mobile Highway in Pensacola, Florida. Over 200 of our neighbors gave at this Chip in $10 event to raise a total of $3700! We are grateful to the WEARTV3 broadcasters and staff and to the community for their generous support of the Chip in $10 Challenge.

Thank you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chip in $10 to visit with CatPak Town Tour

The Chip in $10 van will be visiting with Cat Country 98.7's CatPak Town Tour on Friday, May 8 from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. at the Brilliant Bean Coffee Shop, 9075 W. Highway 98 (near intersection of Blue Angel Parkway).

Please stop by, learn more about Chip in $10, and hopefully make a donation and sign your name to the van! Plus, you'll get to meet the talented CatPak Morning Show and get some great coffee on your way to work!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank you PJC!

At a recent fundraising event for the Chip in $10 Challenge, 38 people "chipped in" at the PJC campus giving a combined $225!

We are grateful to PJC and the PJC community for awesome support of the Chip in $10 Challenge.

Monday, April 27, 2009

First Round Recipients Announced

Last week a team of nine United Way volunteers met to review funding applications for the first round of funds available through the Chip in $10 Challenge. The first $150,000, generously provided by the J.H. Baroco Foundation, will be allocated to seven nonprofit agency programs in amounts ranging from $6,000 to $45,000.

Of the first round of allocations, $129,000 will be used to help families with immediate, basic needs, such as housing, utilities, food, health care or transportation. The help will be short-term (one to three months); therefore all recipients must have a reasonable expectation of being able to sustain themselves after assistance is provided. Assistance is limited to Escambia County residents who can document significant financial hardship as a result of the recession.

Three programs received a portion of the funds for longer-term use (to be utilized within nine months) around the areas of financial literacy education, system change efforts to address the root causes of family financial problems, and reducing duplication of services.

Selected recipients include:
  • Catholic Charities: $45,000 (at least $37,500 will be used for short-term financial assistance; $7,500 may be used for approved longer-term use)
  • Children's Home Society: $11,500 (short-term)
  • FavorHouse of Northwest Florida: $20,000 (short-term)
  • Salvation Army: $35,000 (short-term)
  • United Ministries: $25,000 (short-term)
  • United Way Financial Stability Coalition: $7,500 (long-term)
  • United Way First Call for Help: $6,000­­ (long-term)

Catholic Charities, Salvation Army and United Ministries will primarily use the funds to help families stay in their homes or obtain adequate housing by providing rent/security deposits, mortgage assistance and/or utility payments or deposits. Other assistance, such as bus passes, vehicle repair, or assistance with medication and health care coverage may also be provided. Children’s Home Society and FavorHouse primarily will use funds to further assist clients who come into contact with their agencies as a result of a family crisis. The funds will further ongoing efforts to help these individuals and families regain or obtain stability.

Long-term funds awarded to United Way’s Financial Stability Coalition will help ensure availability of free financial literacy workshops and educational materials that enhance learning and retention of basic financial principles and increase acceptance of financial literacy training as important for long-term financial well-being. Long-term funds awarded to United Way’s First Call for Help information and referral call center will be used to help maximize resource utilization and provide follow-up on a minimum of 10 percent of those served by Chip in $10 contributions, and will lay the groundwork for expanding a community database to help nonprofit organizations avoid duplication of services.

Click here for a full explanation of how the funds will be used.

Our thanks to members of the Chip in $10 Allocation committee: Meri Asmar, The Lewis Bear Co./Board Member; Marvin Beasley, O'Sullivan Creel, LLP/Board Member; Steve Deneke, Emmanuel Sheppard Condon/Board member; Kevin Doyle, Pensacola News Journal/Board Member; Skip Housh, Community Volunteer/Board Member; Suzanne Kahn, Community Volunteer/Board Member; Shannon Lands, Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund; Mary Ellen Spears, Community Volunteer; Sue Straughn, WEAR-TV Channel 3.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank you Cox Communications!

United Way of Escambia County wishes to thank Cox Communications and Cox Media for creating and airing this PSA in support of the Chip in $10 Challenge! We would also like to thank all of the Cox employees for their support of Chip in $10 on top of their year-round support of United Way!

Thank you Cox for being a tremendous partner with United Way!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Way to go Ransom Middle!

Ransom Middle School, a 2-year consecutive winner of a United Way of Escambia County Spirit of Giving Award, has stepped up in a huge way to support the Chip in $10 Challenge. Led by reading teacher and chess team coach John Lowe, faculty, staff and students worked together to raise a whopping $500 for the Challenge! Mr. Lowe is pictured left with United Way team members Linda Romero and Marina Holley.
Such generosity represents true caring for our neighbors. Thank you to the staff and students of Ransom Middle School!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you Early Learning Coalition!

The Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County is one of more than 300 workplaces that participates in a United Way campaign each fall, and one of just a handful that can boast 100 percent participation in employee giving to United Way.

Coalition employees have shown their caring yet again through 100 percent participation in the Chip in $10 Challenge! All 20 employees gave $10 for a combined $200 contribution to the Challenge. Our thanks goes out to CEO Diane Hutcherson and all the big-hearted folks at the Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County. We commend you for your generosity and for setting the bar for other area businesses to join in the Challenge!!